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Welcome to the first edition of Independent Schools Risk & Insurance News, which will include topical articles and important risk and insurance information for independent schools in Australia. Our aim is to release a new issue each quarter and we hope you find this of assistance for your business. Of course, when urgent matters arise, we will continue to send you immediate alerts.

In the wake of the recent major cyber attacks experienced by Victorian schools, our first theme will be regarding cyber risk and security.

We hope you find our first edition relevant and useful, and we welcome your feedback.

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Cyber Attacks

You will have seen in the press recently reports of privacy breaches at Victorian High Schools. These breaches saw the loss of personal information of families, including phone numbers, addresses and Medicare details. We thought it would be timely to provide you with our client alert on the new privacy legislation.

Responding to such breaches is a major challenge for any school and that challenge has become greater with the introduction of the new privacy legislation. You must now put protocols in place to quickly assess whether a breach has occurred, whether it is an “eligible data breach” under the new legislation and determine if there is a notification obligation. This needs to take place whilst you are also working to contain the breach, deal with any IT issues and protect your reputation. Insurance is available that can provide you with immediate access to expertise at the time of the breach to support these efforts. We would be happy to discuss with you how cyber insurance can assist you in mitigating your risk.

For more information about the new privacy legislation visit here.


Recently a large-scale cyber attack utilising a powerful strain of malware commonly known as “WannaCry” took advantage of a flaw in the operating system of Windows-based computers. As a result, more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries have reportedly been affected by the first wave of the attack. Security researchers believe this is only the start and that subsequent, more virulent versions will be imminently released.

For more information about WannaCry and how Willis Towers Watson can help, visit here.

Upcoming Cyber Seminar

Covering Cyber Risk Management & Insurance including new privacy laws and developments in cyber security

A reminder that on July 26, a cyber seminar will be hosted by the Independent Schools Victoria (ISV).

The seminar will include a presentation by Dan Pearce of Holding Redlich and Simon Carter of Willis Towers Watson, which will explore the new laws requiring notification of data breaches and related developments. Our presenters will also discuss ways to manage cyber security risk, and will provide insights into insurance cover available and examples of relevant insurance claims both locally and internationally.

More information to come shortly from the ISV.

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