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In this edition of Schools Risk & Insurance News, we discuss the impact of the latest online global attack, ‘NotPetya’, and tactics your school can put in place to mitigate the risks of any similar attack.

Also, given that managing contracts with third party suppliers is a common practice for Business Managers at schools, we include some tips on managing some of the greatest risks that arise from contractual issues.

We are thrilled to announce we are sponsoring the 2017 ASBA Conference in September and if you are attending, we are certainly looking forward to seeing you there.  A major feature of our booth (number 89) is our revolutionary customised Chatbot for Business Managers. More information is available below.

This newsletter aims to keep all schools who are part of the Education Insurance Program at Willis Towers Watson up to date on important information as well as bring you a range of topical articles. We hope you enjoy it and please get in touch with any feedback.

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NotPetya Cyber attack

After the WannaCry ransomware attack, the latest global attack ‘NotPetya’ was similar in scope and severity. It’s likely this malware took advantage of the same vulnerabilities as WannaCry in the operating systems of Windows-based computers. This implies that, despite the chaos resulting from WannaCry, many organisations did not take it as a reason to reinforce their systems. It is important that each member of your school’s staff, from top to bottom, sees increasing overall cyber IQ and protecting themselves and the school from cyber threats as part of their job – not a role relegated to IT. 

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Dealing with third party providers / suppliers

The issue

When schools engage or outsource to third party providers or suppliers for school camps and sporting/adventure activities, more often than not they would be asked to sign an agreement, This may contain clauses that are onerous and intended to contract the suppliers out of common law obligations or force the school to be legally responsible for the suppliers’ negligence or failure to adhere to expected standards. What can you do?

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ASBA 2017

We’re very excited to be sponsoring the 2017 ASBA Conference. Please come and see us at booth 89, where we’ll have multiple cyber-interactive stations including our very own customised Chatbot. This will give Business Managers the opportunity to “choose their own pathway” when faced with a series of cyber-related scenarios and see how their choices pan out. You won’t want to miss it! We’ll also have a range of other activities and entertainment. 

Of course, we welcome the opportunity to review and discuss your current insurance program while we are catching up. We look forward to seeing you in Sydney!

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